5 R's of Better Sleep

Some of the things I’m often asked is what are your top tips? What can I do or should I be doing?

There are not any easy answers.

There is always a cause for our little ones’ sleep challenges. When we know what is causing the issues we can then look at solutions.

However, some things are important to remember when you want to focus on sleep.

To help, I’ve compiled the 5 R’s to helping your little one sleep better:-

Routine has so many benefits and they thrive on routine. Having a good routine helps with the production of the sleep hormone, Melatonin. A routine also makes our little ones feel safe and relaxed allowing them to fall asleep easier 

Respond to your little one, don’t react. We all make noises in our sleep. By knowing their cries or little noises we can respond to their needs – it’s okay to give them a minute or two to figure out what’s going on. If we jump at every noise we hear we could be disturbing them rather than settling them.

Relax – often easier said than done especially when you’re exhausted. Our little ones mirror our emotions. Having a stressed mummy or daddy at bedtime will create an upset baby and can lead to bedtime battles. If you need to take a minute and take a breath that’s okay, doing this can help reduce stress hormones allowing for a more peaceful and calm bedtime.  

Always remember – you are doing amazing.

Respecting their needs is important – our babies are the ones we need to listen to. By respecting their needs they get the sleep they need and they’re more likely to be happier and more relaxed. Often we think we’re doing the right thing for them and us by taking them out to classes and socialising. By reducing the number of classes or social engagements we have at nap time can make a big difference. I’m not saying don’t go out, just be mindful of nap time.

Restorative sleep – When our little ones sleep without any interruptions eg they’re not out and about or on the move, they sleep through their sleep cycles, meaning they have restorative sleep. This means they won’t wake up sleepy or grumpy, they will be happier and more content. 

Sleeping through a full cycle also helps with the development and growth of our little ones. It helps to promote memory, file all that they have learned and link it all together.

All of the above helps prevent your little ones from becoming overtired. When they get overtired stress hormones rush through their little bodies. These hormones stay in their system for 18 to 24 hours and prevent them from having the restorative sleep they need. 

Remember you are not alone, there is help out there if you need it.




Jennifer Pritchard is a certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant based in Glasgow, Scotland, supporting families in the Glasgow area as well as around the world.

She is a mum of one and loves spending time with family and friends, not forgetting her much-loved pony and kitten.

Jen is passionate about sleep and helping families sleep better. After having a little one who struggled with sleep as well as working shifts, she knows what exhaustion is!

Book your FREE 15 minute Discovery call to see how she can support you and your family to better sleep.

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