A Sleep Consultant? What's That Then?

When I tell people I’m a sleep consultant I get one of the following reactions:

  1. The look of curiosity in what I actually do?
  2. The assumption that I’m an advocate of “crying it out”. (I’m not!)
Sleep consultants are not something to be wary of – we’re here to help!

There’s so much information available for parents trying to help their little ones who are struggling with sleep – books, internet, friends or the wee lady round the corner. Some of the information might be confusing or contradicting, or you might feel you can’t find the right information relevant to your struggles.

All of this, mixed with trying something new every 2 or 3 days creates confusion for your little one – meaning more sleep issues and more struggles.

Lack of sleep can affect our health and immune system amongst other things. However, the more obvious effects of overtiredness for parents is the loss of everyday functionality. We’re unable to think straight, lose focus, get grumpy and agitated and believe it or not we may even become slightly more emotional than usual…

Babies are exactly the same. When babies struggle with sleep and become overtired they also get grumpy, agitated, suffer from separation anxiety, and may even need more comfort and help in being able to fall asleep – the list goes on.

Often parents find themselves in a situation where they can’t keep going, they want help, but either don’t know where or who to turn to or feel they can’t ask anyone as they feel embarrassed or ashamed. But they shouldn’t!

There is always cause as to why a sleep challenge exists – emotional, environmental, habitual and developmental to name a few – if you find the cause, you can find the solution.

That’s where I come in…

A sleep consultant is there to guide, educate, advise and provide options. But most importantly, a sleep consultant provides support, reassurance and encouragement to parents, but never interfering or invading.

A good sleep consultant will take into account that you need to make sleep a priority but that you also have a life and other commitments, eg school or nursery run – it’s about finding a balance and being realistic while focusing on sleep.

By helping parents get the sleep that we all need, we help them to get their lives back; to get out of the tiredness and the bubble surrounding them.

Your little one becomes happier, more settled and playful. They gain confidence in being able to fall asleep on their own, meaning parents get some time to themselves again, maybe even watch a TV show in full, all at once…

So, is it worth looking into a sleep consultant if your little one is struggling to sleep? Most definitely! Parenting is tough and isn’t made any easier if you’re exhausted – a sleep consultant can help you and your little one get much-needed sleep!

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Welcome to my blog!

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