Meet Jennifer

Meet Jennifer

Need sleep? I’ve got you!

As an emergency services employee who worked shifts for 16 years, I know what it’s like not to have enough sleep…or at least I thought I did until my daughter was born four years ago! Now I truly know what it’s like to have no sleep!

My husband and I went through it all – my daughter crying all night; wanting comfort; not wanting comfort; wanting to be fed; wanting company…and times when she (and us!) didn’t know what she wanted.

Eventually, things seemed to settle.

Then my daughter started coughing through the night, not being able to sleep, restless, wanted to come into mummy and daddy’s bed etc….

We couldn’t continue like this – it wasn’t fair on our daughter or us.

Eventually, our GP decided to treat her for a minor undiagnosed condition. A few days later we were all in sleep heaven – uninterrupted sleep for my husband and me and a good night’s sleep for our little one.

And this is what led me to where I am today. It made me realise that my family had been losing sleep unnecessarily – there is always a reason why our little ones aren’t sleeping properly. Finding the cause of the lack of sleep is the first step to having a happy and well-rested baby. And mummy and daddy too!

Using my training, experience and knowledge, as well as a holistic and scientific approach, I will support and reassure you and help you and your little one achieve a good night’s sleep.

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