Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the recommended age to start sleep training?

There are many ways to help babies and children sleep better. There are a variety of options available, based on your little one’s age and the sleep challenge. Sleep training is never the first step and frequently isn’t needed.

Does it matter if my baby is breast or bottle fed?

No, it makes no difference. Nutrition is important for growing babies; a fed baby is a happy baby. We will include your child’s feeding needs to their routine, where they won’t be reliant on being fed to sleep.  When the time comes, we have gentle ways to phase out any night feeds.

My child keeps waking!

Everyone wakes at night as our bodies go through sleep cycles. For babies and toddlers, a sleep cycle lasts approx. 30 – 50 mins, becoming more like an adult’s cycle of 80 – 110 mins as they approach school age.  As adults, we rarely remember our natural wake ups. Babies needing help falling asleep e.g. feeding, rocking or cuddles need the same sleep associations when they wake between cycles. By teaching them to self soothe, this will allow them to fall asleep happily on their own whether it be for naps, bedtime or night waking.

What more can you do for me if I’ve read all the books?

There’s lots of books and information for help and guidance. It’s easy to become overwhelmed – not know where to start or how to start.

With my support and guidance, I can answer your questions and help with any struggles or concerns you might have.  I will be there to help with any tweaks or changes that might be more suited to your family allowing you to focus on your little one.

Will my parenting style or approach to parenting be respected?

Always!  You will never be pushed into doing something that you’re not happy with. What is working for you stays the same and we work together on what isn’t. I will give you the knowledge and support to help your family become better rested.