Sleep Survival and Christmas Excitement!

How excited is your little one?

I’m not sure who’s more excited in our house – my little one or me!

Lots and lots going on: 

  • Family visits
  • Christmas shopping with parents
  • Christmas parties and excursions – we saw a Reindeer parade today!
  • Christmas tree decorating – don’t forget the chocolate men!
  • Christmas list to Santa,


  • Visiting Santa!

Our little ones can get SO OVERSTIMULATED and OVER EXCITED!

Signs to look out for might be crying, being cranky and unsettled, looking away and breaking eye contact, refusing to do certain tasks, being hyperactive and EXHAUSTED…..

When they get overtired their little bodies produce stress hormones which stay in their system for eighteen to twenty-four hours. These hormones can be the culprit for:

  • Bedtime battles,
  • Night wakings,
  • Early morning starts,
  • And can also disrupt naps.

To help reduce the effects you need to think about your little one’s temperament. Some will be lucky enough not to be fussed by any changes, late nights or shorter naps – 

Many, however, find it difficult to adjust.

If your little elf struggles with changes, don’t worry – all will be okay on the day:

  • When planning your Christmas days/nights out and any visitors you may be having, try and spread them out, leaving a day or so in between. I know this can be difficult with different schedules. If you find yourself having two nights after one another, allow for a couple of nights at home.
  • If you have had a late night, whether it’s with or without baby, keep to your little one’s schedule the following day. They thrive on consistency. By having a later morning, nap times and bedtime will be later.
  • If you’re out and see them getting overstimulated, try and go somewhere for some quiet time. Removing them from the situation will help to settle their emotions and stop them from being overwhelmed.
  • If your little one is really struggling with all the hype, sometimes all we can do is cancel or rearrange. Making sleep a priority as much as we can is so important.  
  • And, if you have a good routine and schedule for your little one before the holidays, it will make things easier.

Enjoy the holidays and all your great plans!

Merry Christmas!

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