Sleep Survival and the Babysitter

It can be a little chaotic with all the running around – from visiting family to your work’s night out.

Childcare can be one of those things that we worry about – Will the baby be okay? Will the babysitter be okay? We all do it, even if it’s a family member taking care of them.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy your night out:

  • Start talking to your baby or toddler about the babysitter a couple of days before your night out. Tell them who is coming, what they’re like and some of the fun things they will be doing.
  • Even if its someone your baby knows, arrange to meet them, ideally where they will be looking after baby. This will help reassure them and connect the sitter to the surroundings. Even if all you can manage is an hour or so before you head out the door, every little bit helps.
  • Provide the sitter with your babies routine. It’s important that they know what it is and that they stick to it as much as possible.
  • Point out all the things that your baby or toddler loves, favourite toys, teddies or juice bottle. As well as anything they don’t like. 

The sitters we always need to watch out for – GRANDPARENTS!

I know I would be absolutely lost without my mum especially when it comes to childcare….BUT

We’ve all heard of ‘grandparents rights’ – which I personally think is nice but can be so frustrating!

Explain the importance of your baby or toddler’s routine, how they thrive on consistency.

Tell them that keeping your little one up late means that they will get overtired and their bodies will produce stress hormones.

Finally – 

Babies and toddlers mirror our emotions. If we’re anxious or nervous they will be as well.


Enjoy your night out, you deserve it!

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