Success Stories

Success Stories

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We found Jen by chance through a friend sending on a link to her Facebook page, and I am so so glad we followed that link!

At that time our 10-month-old was continuing a lifetime of atrocious sleep. He was waking (and being fed) every two hours at night; would barely nap in his cot, and then for only very short periods; and frequently got up very early. Fortunately for him, he was a very jolly baby by day, but the rest of the family was broken by the toll of sustained sleep deprivation.

However right from the very first call, Jen gave us hope. She was warm, friendly and good fun, and although we only spoke on the phone, she quickly felt like one of the family. We felt we could be really honest with her about what was working/not working, and that she was genuinely listening to us, and taking on board our concerns and preferences. She also achieved a perfect balance between encouraging and praising us, and holding our feet to the fire when we felt too tired to carry on. 

During our time with her, she gave us lots of information and ideas for how to improve things, and as a result we now regularly get two good quality naps in the cot; the night-time feeds have massively reduced (meaning I’m finally getting decent chunks of sleep); and we have our evenings back.  We still sometimes have additional wakings at night and some early starts (the emerging molars are I think a prime culprit for this), but we have ideas and strategies to help us continue making progress. And – perhaps most importantly – it really feels like my husband and I are on the same page and are working together. 

We are so grateful to Jen and strongly encourage other sleep-deprived parents to sign up with her before she gets too busy!


Scotland, One-to-One Support

I’m so thankful I found Jennifer when I did. I was really struggling to cope with my little boy been put down to bed then up 30 minutes later and this would continue through the night. 

Jennifer talked me through different options that would work with our lifestyle and parenting and let me decide what option to try first.

Whether I’m lucky or Jennifer is a miracle worker the first option that we picked seemed to work straight away. I think knowing I had the extra support from Jennifer really helped when we had an off night.

I am so thankful I’m no longer having to lie on the floor to get my little boy to sleep and he’s sleeping right through the night.

Thank you so much for your support.


Scotland, One-to-One Support

When I got in touch with Jen, I was getting through on about 5 hours of broken sleep a night. I had a baby who was in the midst of separation anxiety and being frank, was grumpy and unsettled about 75% of the time (as was I). 

Jen took the time to listen to the issues I was having, and how I was dealing with them as well as concerns I had about sleep training (please no controlled crying!!)

Initially, we worked together via the app, and what I loved about this was when Jen noticed I had had a tough day, or night she would get in contact. She was always incredibly supportive, which is always helpful when sleep deprived! 

When it came to sleep training, I was sceptical but had nothing to lose. Within two days my daughter was able to go to sleep in her cot when previously she couldn’t sleep without being directly next to me. As a result of getting a more settled sleep, she is now such a happy go lucky little girl. It has made such a difference in our family dynamic.  

I am forever grateful to Jen for her help and would recommend her to any family who is struggling with getting their child to sleep. My only regret is that I did not do this earlier!


Scotland, One-to-One Support

Cannot thank Jen enough, I was really struggling with my 4-month-old not sleeping and also having bad reflux.

Jen went above and beyond tailor making a sleep plan for his age which also worked with his reflux.

Jen knew about reflux extensively (more than a lot of medical professionals I’d been seeing) and how this effects a lot more than just a baby being sick, this helped me to understand why he was doing certain things. Jen also explained the ‘why’ behind routines, techniques and wake windows.

I felt really listened to, Jen took the time to understand the whole picture of our family life, Sam’s background, parenting style, current sleeping pattern and medical issues. She was extremely knowledgable and always had great ideas and techniques to use.

I went from not knowing what do with a baby with reflux who didn’t sleep and had no real structure to now understanding why he does things because of Jen’s extensive knowledge. Having these things explained to me has really helped a lot and we’re in such a better place now.

At a time where I didn’t know what to do and his sleep deprivation was too much, Jen was so reassuring and always there.

The techniques were so great I would never have been able to do it without Jen’s fantastic support. 

Thanks, Jen!


Scotland, One-to-One Support

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