Top Travel Tips for Tots and Babies!

Going on holiday! It’s so exciting!

We all crave that holiday, having some family time whether it be at home or abroad.

As we begin to get organised – and there is a lot to organise – we start having thoughts: will her routine be upset? Will he sleep okay? What should we take?  What will the weather be like? What about the journey?

Don’t fret. Here are my top tips for your travels to try and help keep you sane….

Pre-planning for your journey can make things a little easier.  Often we get preoccupied with what we need in our suitcases, forgetting to leave things handy for our travels. Making sure you have easy access to wipes, nappies, formula and snacks and a change of clothes. Something for mum and/or dad is always good too!

My secret tip – if you’re flying, you might be able to pre-order wipes, nappies, formula etc and collect from the chemist at the airport before your departure.

If you are flying, give your little ones something to suck on e.g. a dummy, milk or juice.

Encouraging them to swallow will help with the pressure on their ears.

Airlines don’t always allocate seats together for families. You might find, like I have, that you have seats on opposite sides of the aisle. This may work for your family, we each have our own preference. 

Pre-booking your seats for flights might help to make things a little easier.  I try and book our 3 seats together as it means hubby and I can help each other. My little one wanted the window seat to look out but ended up using mummy as a pillow…

The noise from an aeroplane will give you instant white noise. However, It’s worth downloading a white noise app to your phone as it’s always handy for your accommodation or the airport.

Keeping your little one entertained during your travels is something we all dread.  Try splitting your travel time into 30-minute segments. Plan something different for each segment – toys, books, colouring anything they enjoy.

It’s not always easy as costs often mount up but it can often be helpful to give them something new, a surprise will help make things a little more interesting – meaning it might last longer.

Going to new places is always exciting!

When you arrive at your accommodation, let your little ones safely explore their holiday home. Have lots of playtime, especially in their beds and the room where they will be sleeping. Making sure the room is bright and cheery (outwith nap or bedtime) make them laugh and giggle. It helps to make them feel relaxed and confident with their new ‘home’.

If you can, take bedding for your little one’s holiday bed. This will give them the comforting smell of home. If you have a toddler or one a little older get them to help you make there bed. It’s all part of the familiarisation, helping them feel relaxed and reassuring them of their surroundings.

If you’re taking a travel cot with you, let your little one sleep in it at home for a few nights, allowing them to become familiar with their new holiday bed before heading off on your travels.

When it comes to feeding and naps etc, stick with the same times as you would at home eg nap at 10 am home is still a nap at 10 am on holiday. This will help to reset their body clocks.

We can all get overstimulated and overtired on holiday.  Stick with the same nap and bedtimes as well as the same pre-sleep routines as home. This will encourage the production of the sleep hormone and help them sleep better. You might need to include some quiet time before your pre-sleep routines if they’ve had a busy exciting adventure.

Keeping to your home routine as much as possible will help with the transition on holiday and when you return. It’s not always possible, but if you do have a busy few days/late nights on holiday try and incorporate some relaxing downtime to help with the overtiredness.

I hope you have a fab holiday!




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